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6ft Round Plastic Trestle Table

This 6ft round plastic catering table is ideal for events both large and small. Blow moulded polyethylene surface is easy to wipe clean and can be used again and again. Strong design, easy to store when folded flat


This 6ft round plastic trestle table (or catering table) is another in Ningbo’s roster of plastic and wooden trestle tables. Strong and sturdy in design, yet lightweight enough to be easy to handle and manoeuvre, this can be very useful if you have either multiple venues or need to set up and clear a function in a relatively short space of time. If you have the relevant storage space, you can stack (once folded flat) this particular model up to 20 high. The plastic table top surface means not only are they incredibly easy to wipe clean but they can also be used for outdoor functions. So, very versatile and cost effective too as this is very reasonably priced for a table of this size.

There are plenty of other sizes available too if you want a combination or are simply looking for a different size and if you want to do all your shopping in one go, take a look at our range of banquet chairs.

Features and Benefits of the 6ft Round Plastic table

  • Each table top is made from a blow moulded polyethylene
  • Seats 8 people with leg room (10 with limited space)
  • Height = In its standing position the table is 750mm/30in from the ground
  • The table frame (including the folding legs with a locking ring mechanism) is made from a powder coated steel
  • The design which means the tables are strong despite being relatively light ensures maximum loading capacity
  • Plastic feet (fitted to each table leg) prevent slipping and damage to floor surfaces
  • When not being used, tables can be folded flat and stacked up to 20 high – Store them away until your next function or move them on to your next venue
  • No assembly required – Simply pull out the legs (your tables will be delivered in the folded flat position), click the locking ring into place and they are ready for use

How many people can sit at a 6ft round table?

You can comfortably sit 8 people around a 6ft round table but if you look at the image below it is possible to seat 10. When seating 10 people you can see there is not much elbow room and leg room if all the chairs are pulled into the table. We would advise 8 but if you are holding an event and are limited on space 9 or 10 is possible.

6ft round table with chairs

6ft round isographic image including banquet chairs

Additional information

Weight 16.00 kg

Folding Legs




Plastic / Blow Moulded


6ft / 180cm